in an anatomy of phantasy,

that is


lovingly breaking apart, enmeshed, the core, must be the core of impotence and mutilation,
fcome forth and exhibit your illustrious background, tell us about it in bouts of outing entelechy,

that is



one and the same is true, venerating and so forth, in the jungle, in all-pervading darkness, at the end of the tale

in horror

in horror

disparate and diffused from being the outcome of the conflicting contradictory effect of superimposing real processes which cannot be abolished,

we cannot understand ourselves as real

disparate and diffused from being completely blistered and in blithering careening rage,

we cannot understand ourselves as real

confused if we should come out, confused if we are the outcome, come out of what, the outcome of what, the outcome of coming out or coming out of the outcome of coming out

inflicted by diction and its unflinching abode,

inflicted by an artistry of being that is effectively expositional but impotent,

we’re confused of where the out is to come out to since we still don’t know the in that we’re into

in this sense, indecent and incensed, in terra incognita, corpses and delicatessen, ignescent.

can we imagine a logic that we cannot manage, if we could, we probably, we probably should, why would it issue forth and not regress in a floral foetal position,
porous and permeable with no need to assert, gushing, opening up tangibly, revealing in tactile gushes that open up, opening up the forthright and continuous unmanageability of logic, an imaginary logic that continually issues forth its unmanageability,

(picture me on the beach, burning)

distinguished sharply between sockets and joints, synapses and silicon sororities, love and troves of electrical misfiring,
algorithms and alcohol rhythms, palindromes and pulse syndromes, symptoms, and given that you and it are fundamentally not in perfect synchrony or correspondence, neither are we, neither am I

(picture me in an autopsy, taut and elegant and flowering)

callous, exploitative, tyrannous or reminiscing of the departed masters
culpable and recalcitrant, however, shy and sore and hurting and please can you caress our wounds?
please can you apply force? can you constitute the site of dreaded identification?

(picture me on a leash, in recess and unflinching)

fervently, fervently fleeing, fleeing the fervent assault, feverish, escaping, escaping, needing to escape the fervent fever of the assault, the clarity, the susceptibility, the raw clarity of being susceptible to the assault of the outside, of being, of them


don’t meditate


don’t meditate

act, trying to act accordingly, trying to reach an accord, trying to act with no script yet needing one, a script to act accordingly to, a script to reach accord, trying to act

trying to act

and not stutter

trying to act

and not deviate

trying to act

and not wheeze like a defunct accordion in a forgotten realm of hell where all the homeless vagrants end up in (not even noticing they have died, place is no different, pretty much the same to all the cold indifferent cities we populate)




yet feverish, impromptu, ad hoc like a basilisk scything through archetypes in an archaic deliriant fever, impromptu, ad hoc, a jester, a joker, a passing joke, a passing fever

trying, trying to feel, trying to say I love you and mean it.

sparse canisters fetched

commensurate and validate, topography lobotomy and bells ringing in hellish clamour
competing for their share of morsels of silence

unruly and unkempt feral encasings glimmer capriciously fluid monographs capaciously quiver

in delinquent heights

endearing and partially burnt

insomniac withering mumbling perspirations perspicaciously aligned

in fervour cramped and dispatched in glowing emerald boxes

the nudging

slithering of condemned


fallen in solemn soliloquies of dissent and torrential rainfire

omnipotent depression comingles and stirs sympathy in naïve readers and broadcasters shuddering



flee the remainder of embalmed carnage

kettle head

slough rows

entertaining monsters and dripping witch vaginas offshore the grand apocalypse

processed in fine silk moaning: always late and left behind

channelling enormity and disformed pestering paltering marginal serenades

piled people delivered

chromosomes like bartenders

porous flaying men walk slowly in dyads of angled pain and cacophonic orchestral fluttering

days of glory

spread thin

take butter in cages of withheld paraplegic emotions

gather the dead

and boxes of unused stuff

and rough colloquial hinges

and interfere painted with dull mascara panting in the slaying fields

blood cuddle and in rags clothed masturbate away the hate that clouds orifices and belts purple pools of rented bewilderments dehiscence incense fervent senseless lithely

ply the sky wry

and unfulfilling to circumstances

do not hesitate


play and scream into the voidal circus 

chase the word

and all its fiends

and all its friends


but at least lively and jovially desiccate random temples and let radii slither in questions and answers

prominent leverages for confusion included

pencil providence: in dry blood carried from veins of mountains deep in darkness steeped
ripped entrails sing and blink and bling alongside stones of value

priceless rantings elevate the heart in pitch black fractals of futility 

blind meanings rage

burn feline posthumous purveyors






unleashing parabolic time

chucked amidst

caustic mud pools and death stench bogs

stanched with parental delegates, reprinted uplifted unleashed antagonistic

in knickers naked and slathered in dark sayings 


the dialectical


lying idle in the subtle empowerment of indecisive slogans and rancid conditions

limp and numb and limbs sprung in various geometrical fascinations conspiring for symmetrical ingenuity

feel real in the pummelling panelling compressions feel aggression lots and lots and lots of aggression

sleep and breech time

sleep and breech time

sleep and breech time

sleep and breech time

cataclysms of replicating, slowly moving, headless and liquid, in a vast field, a vast field of ecstasy and slow burning, a flaming kiss, flames writhing in regressive questions, dancing to the lobotomised human plea, the massacre, the laughter

flaking, flaking walls of scarred, burned, menacingly smiling nostalgia, unperturbed, smiling as if, smiling as if it should have, like curls of hair in voidal fingers of desire, oblivious, carelessly pulling our guts out, carelessly ripping our faces off, carelessly plunging scintillating knifes in our stomachs, made, unmade, carelessly, aimlessly

arresting this, attesting to this, admitting to everything, I have to




crescent fervour, waning, wanting to wax, lesions on pallid skin the glaring life the unyielding sear of life, here is now there is where here is for another now the other now common

we lounge in our tears

we pick our scabs

we shower in blood

amazingly the river flows, the current trying, it is, it is surely it, no trial and error, no stopping, hesitating like lips on the brink of extinction, no hesitating, cautiously like a naked body, no caution, a naked body in needles, a naked body trying to dance, trying to love the needles, trying to reverse the amazing current of cruelty and sloppy violence

the beauty, the harshness of this, the beauty of how harsh this strangles, how beautifully it is this, this strangling beauty, this harsh beauty, this harshly beautiful strangulation amidst, amidst this, amidst this beauty, this beauty, this is, this is, this is



itch and try to scratch oblivion out of your skin






and twitch in slit necks and cracked spines and teeth falling



into mesmerising tokens of abandon, entrancing, pummelling, waning, waxing, waning, waxing

sleep with eyes that have tasted horror, sleep with eyes that have tasted blood, sleep with eyes that have tasted,

this torture is exquisite, unique, effaced

the veins of dark leaves surround me, enclose us, they shiver, the reins pulling on the lunatic veins of dark horses that surround us, enclose me, they shiver

the veins of dark leaves surround me, enclose us, they shiver, the reins pulling on the lunatic veins of dark horses that surround us, enclose me, they shiver

the maladroit and sprawling sunset rimmed the solemn mountains with its insolent and persistent call of soft hues and paint brush clouds
a stinking neonate, a toddler
and a spoilt tot

randomly generated roadside metallurgy splayed in all seven of the crystalline structures triggered ancient blood magic by displaying its sensual gore
a mewling new born, a squirt
and a wee lass

a body bled it’s gushing goodbyes and the tilting canopy mingled with its lilting assortment of dizzy stars
a bloated sprout, a whelp
and a bleary eyed infant

trees croaked in anguish in unison with the skin screaming arrogantly and shedding itself like bark
a mumbling suckling, a cub
and a flea ridden cherub

the sage awash with calm resides in the immense silence unperturbed by the residue
a blathering nursling, a chick
a bleeding little moppet

in the background the solitary haven of a copse of trees and a bubbling little creek murmurs its age old incantations
a slovenly bairn, a fledgling
and a dirty little street urchin

the owl and the crickets and the sky stretches its dark sinewy limbs
a foal, a sapling

time is merciless and irreverent

(picture me in the park, seesawing and twisting)

(picture me in coitus, relishing the coils)

(picture me on a skyscraper, sorely tempted)

(picture me in a hole, fingernails and skin and screaming bones)

(picture me drowning, gurgling the punchline)

(picture me in adolescence, as terrible and shy as the sun)

(picture me in a nuthouse, sly and well fed)

(picture me in the background, fading)

Featured photo by Savvas Yerolemides

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