She finds the galloping clock
Funny and I couldn’t
For the life of me
Laugh at something
So strikingly serious

Whenever I’m with her I
Remember Einstein’s
Declaration that time
Is relative and find
It so trivially true that
My heart instinctively
Skips two beats every minute
As if to disprove it.

Then she finally starts talking
And I know that hours will fly by
In an absolute 5 minute reference
Mirror frame

She tells me she hates herself 
And I hate the world for making this
The case 
And hate myself even more, for being
Unable to express how wrong she is
For hating herself.

Now. We move into some other field
Of conversation
Like switching rooms in some beautiful 
Fiesta Latina 
And I hate to admit that I need a cigarette
5 years have passed and still the night goes on and I find myself so mesmerized and troubled
That I will never find a woman so inconceivably interesting
She laughs and I laugh and

The clock spells trouble, trouble, trouble

by Alexandros Chronides

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