Roses Blooming Upstream

It’s just another flower, attention seeking wallflower,
Breathing through the abuse of cement, the grey area, the perfect element, the pink-blue sky watches me cry in regret, 

Oh the motherland got darker during fall, how can a rose bloom up a bedroom wall? With no light with no excitement for what tomorrow brews, guess the sun is the only man I get to misuse, ambition got meddled with his blues, how can a single guitar hit me so good? Every chord a painful afternoon, every sad track floating better than the second before, am I on the ceiling, or just floating on the floor, 

Now guess I’m a country hating man, for hate is the last Christian supper I’ll ever understand, and how my people can spell kindness with their red right gun arm, oh there’s a bullet coming for the sun, watching my man bleed unarmed, watch my gay siblings sing ‘till dawn, for absolution or a brand new pop song, reduce us down to what fits along, like flower growth, like blooming where you belong, like I exist to please someone I barely ever care for; I’m upstream blossom, oh I’m just another rose, that couldn’t bend to any right pose, so I’ll just choose from the remains, oh I’ll just love him who stays, I wish God gave my pain different kinda ways, but now the wallflowers make fun of the gays, and the sun laughs at the moon, for blessing freedom to the damned, but you’re just a regular flower; you’ll never understand 

By Stelios Kapnisis

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