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This unreal country is the first collaboration among a group of friends that was long overdue. It is an initiative fuelled by the need to write about the materials that co-author us. 

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– There as everywhere, I know everyone and I know no one, answered Legrandin, who was not going to give in so quickly; I know a great deal about things and very little about people. But in that place the very things themselves seem to be people, rare people, delicate in their very essence, disappointed by life. Sometimes it is a manor house that you encounter on a cliff, by the side of the road, where it has stopped to point its sorrow towards the pink evening where the golden moon rises while the returning boats, fluting the dappled water, hoist the flame of evening on their masts and carry its colours; sometimes it is a simple solitary house, rather ugly, its expression shy but romantic, which conceals from all eyes some imperishable secret of happiness and disenchantment. This country which is so unreal, he added with a Machiavellian delicacy, this country of pure fiction makes bad reading for a child…

Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time (Volume 1: The Way by Swann’s)

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